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đặt album facebook trên Gsite

Display thumbnails of an Album from Facebook

 Using a Google Gadget, we can display thumbnails of an Album from a public page of Facebook.  The Gadget uses Open Graph Protocol. We can display up to 200 thumbnails (130 x 86). 

URL of the Gadget


Identifier of the Album

Open a Page from Facebook. Choose an Album and open the Album. We get an URL like this

203438053022820 is the ID of the Album

Parameters of the Gadget


Display thumbnails of a public Album from a page of Facebook

ID : ID of the Album
NBC : number of thumbnails (1 to 200, default 100)
SHA : display shadow under the thumbnail (Yes or No, default Yes)
CLP : open the picture within Facebook when the thumbail is cliked (Yes or No, default Yes)
URL : URL of the link on the title
TIT : title
LCOL : #rrggbb, link color
BCOL : #rrggbb, border color
BKCOL : #rrggbb, background color
CCOL : #rrggbb color of  container


  • Wall pictures of Bodegas Murviedro. Thumbnails without shadow, Maximum of 30 pictures. 

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