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Add Facebook Comments to Google Sites

I figured since I had so much trouble with this aspect of Google sites, that I should create a page explaining how I eventually accomplished the comments section below.  Follow these steps to add Facebook Comments to your Google site webpage.

If you want to use the gadget instead, copy this hyperlink and search for it by URL.
Note:  Gadget works in IE and Firefox.  Guide below also works for Chrome.  Gadget does NOT work for Chrome.

1.  Replace in this hyperlink with the full url path of your webpage

    Example of altered link"yes"
2.  Make sure you are signed in and able to edit your webpage.
3.  Click the pencil in the upper right hand corner of the webpage 
4.  Click "Insert" in the upper left hand corner of your screen.  In the drop down that appears, select "More Gadgets."
5.  Select "Featured" in the box that appears.
6.  Select the "Include gadget (iframe)" from the list that is populated.
7.  Click "Select" on the next box.
8.  Paste the url you created in Step 1 into the "URL to content (required)" text box.  Make any changes to the settings you want.  Then click OK.
9.  Save the webpage and then refresh it.